Trying to keep up with a growing threat landscape and increasing compliance demands, your security team faces an uphill battle.

Concensus has partnered with Digital Defense to provide a monthly vulnerability management service offering that creates a proactive approach to identify security gaps in protection, configuration and patching.




  • Internal and External Scanning
    • Authenticated and Unauthenticated
  • Review and Prioritize Vulnerabilities
  • Track & Assign Remediation
  • Show Trending and Performance of your Security Grade Point Average


  • Concensus Cybersecurity Offerings
  • Patch Management
  • PEN Testing
  • SOC – Security Operations Center
  • Primary Engineer Program

What Is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability Management starts with the vulnerability scan. It is the process of identifying security weaknesses and flaws in systems and software running on them. As an integral part of a vulnerability management program, the scan has one overall goal – to protect an organization from breaches and exposure of sensitive data. The vulnerability scan provides an assessment of security readiness and helps minimize risk. It is an essential tool of a good cybersecurity program.

There are two primary challenges with vulnerability assessments – knowing what to scan and when to scan. That’s what makes Vulnerability Management as a Service valuable.

How Does Vulnerability Management Protect Your Network?

Governments, schools, businesses, and organizations of all sizes and in all industries are subject to increasing security risks that could compromise or steal important data, jeopardize relationships internally and externally, and interrupt operations to the point of complete failure.

Vulnerability management is a service that regularly combs through your systems to inventory and provide a complete overview of potential weaknesses in your network and connected devices. It focuses on prevention and checks for vulnerabilities in your operating systems, patches, software, hardware, anti-virus and firewalls. 

Vulnerabilities include finding exploits in patches, applications, and operating systems by comparing against known vulnerability databases. For firewalls, ports that are open or well-known ports that can be exploited will be identified. You can then take steps to implement appropriate security measures.

Vulnerability scanning is NOT penetration testing. A Penetration test is an active attempt to gain access to a system through a known vulnerability or by manipulating an end user. A vulnerability scan finds device level weaknesses that are not known and creates awareness so that action can be taken. Vulnerability scanning focuses on prevention and should be performed at least monthly. Penetration testing is typically performed on an annual basis.

Why Is Vulnerability Management Important?

In addition to securing your networks and identifying threats, there may be compliance regulations that require vulnerability scans and reports on a regular basis. Cybersecurity insurance may also mandate that you assess your eligibility on a cyberattack claim.

A vulnerability management service allows for monitoring and maintaining security through a digital transformation. It is used to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, exhibits a strong security posture, and improves client trust for growing businesses.

Why Do You Need Vulnerability Management?

You need vulnerability scanning in your environment to

  • Scan frequently so you can protect networks, systems, data, and users against harmful cybersecurity threats and attacks
  • Collect data from as many systems as possible to identify vulnerabilities before they’re exploited
  • Ensure your systems are secured
  • Identify holes and weaknesses and find the best recommendations and solutions to mitigate them

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Why Concensus

The Concensus Vulnerability Scanning as a Service solution has what others do not.


Our scanning solution is event-driven where vulnerability scanning is optimized based on targeted network components. Improved results accuracy with intelligent fingerprinting and scan profile assignment, reducing potential for human error and minimizing impact to target asset and client’s network traffic. Scanning does not interrupt the operation of the devices being assessed.


We provide a comprehensive security posture reporting based on client specific prioritization of device importance and risk ratings of vulnerabilities identified. Security GPA provided at the device, scan and overall network level reflected in Dashboard and reports.


Our service delivers executive-level reporting with detailed drill-down capability of client’s assessment information and comparisons to all other clients within the Digital Defense services cloud. Provides an at a glance visibility of network security posture and remediation priorities.


As a complete managed service, we provide a comprehensive client security program for vulnerability scanning, results analysis and remediation guidance. This frees our clients from day to day oversight of the program to focus on other important areas of their systems.