The way and means to steal a password has become technologically advanced. Individuals and small to medium-sized businesses are being specifically targeted. Passwords can now fall into the hands of anyone on the net. So, we all, individuals and businesses alike, need an additional means of protection. Enter multi-factor authentication solutions by Concensus.

Our multi-factor authentication MFA solutions will help you mitigate your cybersecurity risk by:

  1. Providing an additional layer of security and location based authentication while balancing user productivity
  2. Managing multiple methods from a single pane of glass and ensuring compliance with cybersecurity insurance and other compliance requirements
  3. Implementing adaptive authentication that can verify a user, but also flag suspicious logins based on risk scores


What is Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an extra means of security to verify a user’s identity.

Specifically, in addition to a username and password,  multi-factor authentication requires at least one other credential before granting a user access to a system. By requiring multiple credentials, any system or application knows that you are, indeed, who you say you are. Credentials can vary, depending on security issues, clearances, or other concerns. In those cases, you need a multi-factor authentication solution that works for your situation.

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication So Important?

Our Multi-factor authentication solutions are your first line of defense against network infiltration. By adding this layer of protection, you can eliminate many of your risks to your password being stolen.  This is the number one recommendation from cybersecurity experts and is now required by most insurance companies for cybersecurity insurance.