What is Email Security?

Email Security is a set of technologies and policies designed to protect your organization’s emails from cyber-attack, data breaches, and malicious attacks. Email security solutions can include encryption, authentication, malware protection, phishing prevention, and user access control. By implementing these email safety measures with the help of an expert email security provider like Concensus Technologies, your company can ensure that all emails sent and received are secure, compliant with industry standards and regulations, and free from malicious attacks.

Email Security solutions allow your organization to send secure emails and prevent your company from being crippled by an email cyber-attack. With cyber-attacks forever increasing, secure email services and corporate email security is more important than ever. Many organizations don’t realize threats can lay dormant in inboxes for years, just waiting to be activated.


Why Do You Need Email Security?

Email Security is essential for any organization that relies on email as a communication tool. Without the protection of mail security solutions, your company’s email can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, data breaches, and malicious attempts to gain access to confidential information. Email security services protect against these threats by monitoring emails in real-time and detecting any potential malicious activities. With the help of an email security provider, your company can also ensure that all emails are compliant with industry standards and regulations.

How Does Email Security Work?

Email Security works by monitoring emails in real time and scanning for malicious attachments, networks, links, or domains. These threats are often hidden within the email itself or used as a way to gain access to confidential information. When an email security system detects these threats, it actively blocks them from entering your organization’s inboxes. Additionally, many email security solutions use encryption to protect data and authenticate users so that only authorized personnel can access confidential information.

Built-In Email Security Is Not Enough

Many email providers will offer secure methods of sending or archiving emails, but these are  often not enough to protect against the sophisticated techniques used by cyber criminals. To ensure your organization is truly secure, it’s important to invest in a secure email solution from a trusted provider that can monitor emails in real time and detect any malicious threats before they enter your organization’s networks or inboxes.

Email Security is Vital For Many Industries

Email security is important for organizations in any industry or sector that relies on emails as a communication tool. Healthcare organizations, financial services companies and government agencies all need secure email solutions to protect their confidential data and information. Higher education and secondary education providers are especially vulnerable, as users are distributed across different locations, on and off campus. Education targets are especially valuable to cyber criminals,  as they often possess sensitive data and financial information. With secure email solutions, education providers can ensure the safety of students’ data and prevent cyber-attacks from crippling the institution.

What Sets Concensus Apart From the Rest

Concensus Technologies provides your business with top-tier email security services. Our solutions scan, detect and eliminate active threats that could otherwise compromise the safety of your inbox. Furthermore, our advanced protection tools together with innovative email security technologies ensure that malicious emails are detected before they can cause any damage. With Concensus Technologies on board, you’re guaranteed comprehensive security for all incoming messages.

For over two decades, we have been helping all types and sizes of companies find success – from big organizations to small businesses. We understand that each company has its own specific security needs so our email security solutions are designed with these individual requirements in mind. Our team works closely with your business to gain a deeper understanding of the required protection measures and creates custom-tailored solutions just for you.

No matter your industry – finance, healthcare, legal, marketing or education – Concensus Technologies provides the perfect email security management solution to protect your business from data breaches.

What Are the Most Common Email Security Breaches?

The most common email security breaches include phishing, malicious attachments and links, spam, and unauthorized access. Phishing emails are sent from malicious actors to deceive users into revealing sensitive information such as login credentials or financial data. Malicious attachments and links can download malware onto computers or gain access to confidential information stored on the computer’s hard drive. Spam emails are messages sent in bulk to large groups of people, often in an attempt to spread malware or malicious links. Unauthorized access occurs when someone tries to gain access to a system without the proper credentials.

Does Email Security Provide Protection Against Ransomware?

Yes, email security solutions can protect against ransomware attacks by blocking malicious emails containing ransomware. By scanning incoming messages for suspicious content, many email security solutions can detect and block ransomware before it reaches the user’s inbox. Additionally, encryption technology can be used to make it harder for hackers to gain access to confidential information stored on a computer system.

Can Emails Be Intercepted By Hackers?

Yes, emails can be intercepted by hackers. Email interception occurs when a malicious actor intercepts and changes an email before it reaches its intended recipient. Hackers can use this technique to gain access to confidential information or spread malware. To protect against email interception, businesses should use encryption technologies such as SSL/TLS that encrypt data in transit. This ensures that emails remain secure and private until they reach their intended recipient.

How Can I Improve My Email Security?

Businesses can improve their email security by implementing strong password policies, using encryption technologies such as SSL/TLS, and deploying a comprehensive email security provider like Concensus Technologies. Strong passwords should be used for all users to prevent unauthorized access to email accounts. Additionally, encryption technologies such as SSL/TLS should be used to ensure that emails remain private and secure while in transit. Finally, a comprehensive email security solution should be deployed to scan incoming messages for malicious content and block threats before they can reach the user’s inbox.

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