Identity Management is the process in which you integrate your existing systems, applications, and infrastructure to increase security, reduce management costs and ensure compliance for your organization.

When an individual becomes affiliated with your organization how are they onboarded?  How do they obtain their credentials?  How do they obtain their access to required applications and systems?

Concensus Technologies has the experience and skill to optimize your identity management system. With over 20 years of experience working in identity management, we provide the expertise and understanding to improve existing Identity and Access Management (IaM) installations. We provide guidance, project execution, and maintenance, allowing your staff to focus on other critical areas of your infrastructure.

When identity management becomes a challenge, look to Concensus Technologies to provide cost effective services and peace of mind.


Managing the digital identity lifecycle is what we do at Concensus Technologies.

With partnerships with top-tier vendors such as Identity Automation, Micro Focus, One Login, Okta & Beyond Trust we can complete the life cycle management of your digital identities.

We have experience with implementing identity management solutions that will fit the most common tasks to highly complex solutions for large enterprises.  

Some of the key benefits of Identity Management Solutions:

  • Automated onboarding and offboarding of user identities
  • Automated license management for cloud-based applications
  • A first step to automating your zero-trust initiative
  • Meeting your compliance requirements



Ensuring success – Our Identity Management Process

An identity management solution needs to be tailored to your organization. There are no cookie-cutter implementations of ID management that will allow you to meet your goals.


Organizations that approach their Identity Management program with a tactical approach often fail.  An assessment will help your organization plan or modernize your existing Identity Management solution.  While a large enterprise may need a strategy engagement that encompasses many departments and need to build a use case, smaller organizations may only need to build use cases and ensure that they are considering all implications of an identity management solution. 

The Identity Management Roadmap

The roadmap allows us to discover opportunities for implementing an identity management solution.  The roadmap looks 18-36 months into the future to help build a comprehensive phased approach to not just Identity Management but to Single Sign-On, Access Management, Reporting, Governance, Multi-Factored Authentication, Privileged Access Management and Password Management. 

Identity Management Product Evaluations

Product evaluations are necessary to match the correct technology with people and your processes.  Finding the right fit will help maximize your investment, your security and efficiency.  


At Concensus we have done over 200 projects that include:

  • New Implementations
  • Major Upgrades
  • Migrations from one platform to another
  • Replacing authoritative sources (Student Information Systems, HR Systems)
  • Custom Development of Application Connectors 
  • Business to consumer identity (over 2 million subscribers)

Our projects follow a successful methodology that is customized to meet customer needs and budget.  We offer Identity Management projects (Time & Materials/Fixed Fee) and through our Managed Services offerings.  Let us Manage your IaM environment for you!

FAQs for Identity Management Solutions

Why Do I need Identity Management?

If you have many end users, high turnover, many applications or have compliance requirements chances are you are already doing some type of Identity Management.  Many organizations are using on-premises and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and find that they need to provide Single Sign-On or ID and password management, Identity Management becomes the solution.  With an Identity Management Solution in place, you can automate application access and ensure that your internal and external applications are secure.

Will Identity management make us compliant?

While an Identity Management Solution can help you satisfy many of today’s compliance requirements it is not a one stop shop.  Key items, however, are usually satisfied when you add governance, attestation, and automated provisioning/de-provisioning.  Most Identity Management systems will also ease end user adoption of SSO and multi-factor authentication. 

How Do I choose the Right Identity Management Solution?

Cybersecurity starts with an Identity centered approach.  Finding the balance between security and ease of use will help your users be safe and productive. An Identity Management Solution will help you, onboard new users, faster, ensure that they have access to only what they are required to, and provide helpful resources to request access to new things.  

Your Identity Management System should have the following components: