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Risks of Remote Work in 2021

| October 28, 2020

“How much longer?”, is the question everyone is sighing. The current answer is “no time soon, at least not in 2020, nor the first quarter of 2021.” So, for the majority of small to medium-sized businesses as we move indoors, it means supporting employees working from home, at least part of the time. As it turns out, some employees are...

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saving money in the cloud

Cost Benefits of the Cloud

| October 21, 2020

When discussing the move to the cloud, the first thing you hear is, “There is such an amazing cost savings.” It’s the first thing you hear because it’s true. Still, what does that actually mean in dollars and cents and what will it mean over time? It is, of course, best practices to do a Cost-Benefit Analysis to compare your current IT outlay versus cloud pricing....

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More likely than not, you understand the importance of keeping your organization’s network and your employees’ computers safe and secure. But it is of equal importance to keep other devices in mind when it comes to cybersecurity. Devices like smart phones and tablets, work-related or for personal use, need to be included in your cybersecurity plan. Keep reading for safety...

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it manager assessing cybersecurity risks

With each new world-wide phase, cybercriminals remain on the attack. They are very adaptive to every situation and lurk around every corner. Here are the latest offenses in cybercrime:  Deliveries – Cybercriminals have taken to the streets. It may seem like a neighbor or an independent package delivery service sitting in a vehicle but anyone in proximity to your home or business may be looking for an “open” or public wifi to hack. In many cases, they do...

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The businesswoman notes the work done.

Your Remote IT Checklist

| September 30, 2020

Whether you refer to it as telecommuting, working virtual, work-from-home or remote working, most businesses have previously used these terms. For instance, certain employees needing to travel, others needing to work from home due to weather or illness, and so forth.  However, now is different. The number of employees remaining to work from home and the current hybrid of office and remote work environments, need an increase in IT support. To make sure your bases are covered, here is a convenient checklist to help determine...

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businessmen discussing it budget

This is an ideal time to assess your IT needs for the coming year as we all look toward 2021 in search of the stability we so rightly deserve. While 2020 has been something of a knee-jerk year, things appear to be calming down enough to take store and re-evaluate. This is particularly true when it comes to IT and...

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2 factor authentication

It’s interesting that you already use Multi-Factor Authentication every time you use your debit card. In this case, you have two means to verify that you have the right to access your bank account via both your PIN and the card itself.  Basically, Multi-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security that we all need to protect ourselves from cyberattacks.  Just as with your debit card, for MFA to work when accessing any account, you need at least two credentials or pieces of evidence to prove that...

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phishing scam, hacker image

Phishing attacks are specifically designed to bait us and then snag us. It’s easy to get caught.   Cybercriminals who prepare these strategic attacks will sink to inhumane levels in order to create trust and trickery.  The most common phishing attacks are emails, messages or meeting requests that evoke panic or a sense of urgency and cause us to click on a link or download a corrupted file. From here, it’s as if a private safe containing confidential information and monetary treasures has been unlocked and looted. ...

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decreasing graph for it solutions

Time is always of the essence when needing to cut costs. Afterall, time is money. There is no time like the presence to evaluate what aspect of your IT you can change to see real improvement to the bottom-line.  Fortunately, certain key technologies and methods for realigning these technologies and services enable you to reap the benefits while reducing the costs.  To start the assessment of your IT costs, from big...

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concept of file sharing

Can you even imagine getting the job done without file sharing? Particularly when it comes to collaboration? File sharing has become a part of every-day business life. Employees need to have access and be able to share files, anywhere, anytime.  The problem is employees can access any consumer-based tool they want to get their job done faster, communicate more quickly, receive, and distribute their part of collaboration and more. ...

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