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Identity & Access Management

Concensus is your one-stop-shop for a full-range of IAM tools, software, and services for your business, whether on-site or in the Cloud. We're here to recommend, implement, and oversee the most appropriate identity and access management solutions to work specifically within your environment. Find out what identity and access management is and how IAM works for your business. 

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Concensus is your company’s security detail. We’re committed to protecting your most critical company assets from the bad guys and deploying efficient, effective, and immediate cybersecurity solutions when it's time to eliminate any possible threats. Find out more about our cybersecurity programs and solutions that will secure your devices and data and set your business up to achieve your goals. 

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Concensus Care

This is the managed IT services and support you need, when and how you need it. Our comprehensive IT services work for small and mid-sized businesses, as well as large enterprise corporations. We partner with you to provide managed services that make sense for your business needs and goals. Find out more about our scalable managed IT services and why you need to integrate managed IT services in your business environment. 

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Concensus Cloud

At Concensus, we’ll guide your business through a seamless transition to the cloud or upgrade your existing cloud solutions. With Concensus Cloud, we provide secure and streamlined application hosting, backup and recovery, remote desktop, and more. We’ll help your business build a better infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve business productivity and efficiency.

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We're here to help

With more than two decades of experience under our belts, we're your business’s trusted partner in identifying and implementing top-notch managed services, business, cybersecurity, and IT solutions here in Pittsburgh and across North America.

From security and workflows to compliance, back up & recovery, and more, when you want the best IT support, solutions, and results, trust the technology team at Concensus. We’ll work to protect your business, guide you through the world of technology, and help you achieve your goals.

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