Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management (IaM) solutions ensure security and compliance across all internal and external facets of your organization. IaM is our specialty area of focus at Concensus. With our identity and access management software and systems, IaM tools, insights, and implementations, we’ll help you gain greater control, enhance productivity, and secure and protect your company, users, data, and applications through security, provisioning, workflow, access review, compliance, and more. Let us host and manage your IaM implementation or upgrade your existing identity and access management solutions.

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Access Management

Access Management is the key to ensuring and maintaining your organization’s security. Through user access management, we are the security guards who are granting exclusive access to only the users you explicitly authorize. Everyone else is kept entirely out of your systems. Using our access management systems, we automate the user access process for streamlined simplicity. Then, with the right user access management products and software, we make sure all users and services are authenticated, authorized, and audited to prioritize the protection of your company users, data, and applications.

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Identity Governance and Administration

Identity Governance and Administration provides you with greater visibility and understanding of the user access and data access required to secure your organization. Our access governance best practices start with a thorough review and assessment of specific user access and data access rights. Using proven access governance systems and access governance tools, we’ll show you precisely what organizational data is being accessed and used and by whom, when, where, and how.

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Identity Management

Identity Management solutions create greater organizational compliance and give you enhanced control of your users. With comprehensive IDM services, we’ll work with you to define user roles and manage the privileges of every user identity on all of your systems. Then, we’ll act as your system administrators, or we’ll supply your system administrators with the identity management system, software, and tools they need to change user roles, track activity and create activity reports, and enforce policies across your organization in real-time.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is the ultimate security measure for your organization. Before anyone can gain access, this process requires each user to identify who they are and why they belong on your network. We’ll set up and manage a series of authentication steps that combine information that only the user knows, information only they possess, and/or information that is inherent to that specific user. The benefits of multi-factor authentication ensure and maintain continuous security across your organization. 

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Password Management

Password management is essential to protect your organization and users from hackers and data breaches. Poor password management systems and practices or minimal password requirements put your information and your users at risk. We’ll implement effective password management software, so your vulnerability to breaches is minimized. With secure password managers and easy-to-use password storage tools, we’ll also empower your users to reset their passwords to reduce the number of help desk calls.

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Privileged Account Management

Privileged Account Management solutions balance the administrative access that you grant to trusted individuals in your organization with security, control, and ongoing monitoring. We provide organizations with complete privileged account governance through periodic audits combined with overarching control measures to maintain long-term safety, PAM access control, and PAM network security.

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Single Sign-on

Single Sign-On, or SSO, is a user-friendly authentication solution that requires only one set of login credentials to access multiple applications on a network. Our Single Sign-On services allow users to access applications quicker and easier with single authentication, while accounts can be better monitored and managed on the back-end. The purpose of Single Sign-On is to improve productivity and user satisfaction, combined with streamlined user access and internal monitoring.

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