Concensus Technologies is aware of how crucial cloud services are to streamlining business processes. Our Cloud Managed Services include a variety of options created to satisfy your particular requirements while ensuring effectiveness, scalability, and dependability. We invite you to explore the world of cloud services and to experience the future of IT infrastructure.

Due to Concensus Technologies’ unwavering dedication to giving our clients great service, complete solutions, and knowledgeable counsel, our cloud services stand out from the competition. To secure the greatest results, we put a lot of effort into comprehending the specific goals and requirements of each firm and then adapt our cloud products to meet those demands.


Managed Infrastructure as a Service

Do you want to boost agility, cut expenses, and streamline your IT operations? The answer you’ve been looking for is Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

What is Managed IaaS?

A cloud computing solution called Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enables businesses to outsource every aspect of their IT infrastructure, including the hardware, software, storage, and networking elements. By offloading the responsibility for IT management to Concensus Cloud, your firm can concentrate on its core operations.

Major Advantages of Managed IaaS

  • Cost Savings: Ditch the costs related to upkeep of the physical infrastructure. On-premises servers and equipment are not required when using managed IaaS.
  • Scalability: You may easily increase or decrease your IT resources to meet shifting company needs. There will be no more overprovisioning or underuse of resources.
  • Efficiency: To ensure peak performance and dependability, automate resource allocation and management inside your IT system.
  • Concentrate on Core Functions: Let Concensus Cloud manage the technical aspects so you may focus on the strategic objectives of your company.
  • Service-based storage: Are there issues with data storage at your company? For all of your data storage needs, Concensus Cloud’s Storage as a Service offers a scalable and affordable option.

About Storage as a Service

A cloud-based service called Storage as a Service provides flexible, safe, and highly accessible data storage alternatives. Concensus Cloud has you covered whether you need to store important corporate data, backups, or archives.

Advantages of Storage as a Service

  • Scalability: You only pay for the storage you really use, and you can quickly increase or decrease your storage space as necessary.
  • Reliability: Enjoy the assurance that comes from reliable data redundancy and automated backups.
  • Accessibility: With safe, cloud-based storage options, you may access your data whenever and from anywhere.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Do not require costly on-premises storage gear or upkeep.

Managed Backup and Recovery from Disaster

Data protection for your company cannot be compromised. Your vital data is safe, accessible, and recoverable thanks to Concensus Cloud’s Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery services.

What is managed backup and recovery from disaster?

With managed backup and disaster recovery, your company’s data is regularly backed up and given a clear path to recovery in the event of unforeseen circumstances or disasters.

Advantages of Managed Backup and Recovery

Your data is safely backed up and shielded against loss due to hardware malfunctions, natural catastrophes, or cyberattacks.

  • Minimal Downtime: In the case of a disaster, our rapid recovery solutions assure company continuity while minimizing downtime.
  • Cost Savings: Simplify your disaster recovery plan and do without the expensive on-premises backup infrastructure.
  • Peace of Mind: With frequent backups and a tried-and-true disaster recovery plan in place, you can relax knowing that your data is protected.

Concensus Cloud can completely revamp your company’s IT infrastructure. A few examples include Managed Infrastructure as a Service, Storage as a Service, and Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery. We guarantee that you get the customized cloud solutions you need thanks to our knowledge and dedication to quality.

How Concensus Cloud Can Advance Your Organization

Learn how Concensus Technologies can improve business processes for your company and offer scalable, dependable cloud solutions customized to meet your specific requirements. Our extensive cloud services include email management, data and backup storage, and internet hosting among many more services. Your firm can obtain greater efficiency, scalability, and flexibility by using cloud-based solutions.

Integration of Azure and Microsoft 365

Boost productivity and cut costs by securely configuring your virtual servers and applications to function well in the Microsoft Cloud.

Implementation of Google Workplace

Migrate your business to Google Workplace seamlessly to encourage effective teamwork among local and remote workers.

(IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service

You can concentrate on your organization’s core business operations by outsourcing your company’s software, hardware, storage, servers, and data or network components.

Hosting and Recovery from Disaster

Our cloud services offer reliable hosting and disaster recovery options, making daily secure backups of your organization’s data a given.

Safety and Compliance

By implementing cloud services, your business may stay compliant with laws and industry standards while maintaining the integrity of its vital data and assets.

System Integration for Phones

Discover cutting-edge hosted UC solutions like 3CX, which provide more than just a basic phone system.

Concensus Cloud Services can help your business improve efficiency, streamline operations, and secure a scalable infrastructure that is tailored to your unique requirements. Let us assist you as you travel the cloud.

How Are Cloud Services Operated?

Integrating cloud services with your company’s current IT infrastructure is the first step in implementing them. This can entail setting up cloud-based email and collaboration tools, virtual server configuration, and application migration. Microsoft 365, Azure, and Google Workplace are just a few of the platforms that cloud services are built to support, enabling a seamless interface with your preferred solutions.


Once linked, cloud services offer complete management of the servers, storage, servers, data, and network components in your company. This can involve keeping an eye on how resources are being used, automating repetitive operations, and improving performance. Organizations can concentrate on their core business operations while gaining access to an optimized and scalable IT infrastructure by outsourcing these tasks to cloud services.

Integrity and Security

Cloud services incorporate strong security and compliance safeguards to guarantee the integrity of the vital data and assets in your firm. This entails observing legal requirements and professional norms, as well as offering hosting, disaster recovery, and data backup options. Organizations may maintain a secure and compliant IT environment by using cloud services, reducing potential risks and weaknesses.

Services and Upkeep

Cloud services provide ongoing support and upkeep to assist businesses in managing their IT infrastructure efficiently. This includes offering patches, updates, and support for troubleshooting when required. Cloud services make sure that businesses can maintain maximum performance, dependability, and security in their IT environment by providing professional support.

These steps are taken by cloud services, which give businesses the tools and resources they need to efficiently manage, secure, and scale their IT infrastructure. The end result is an effective, adaptable, and strong IT infrastructure that is better suited to serve the aims and objectives of the firm.

What’s the Difference Between Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Services?

Public cloud services are offered to numerous clients over the internet by independent suppliers. They provide a shared infrastructure and resource pool, which can save costs and make scaling easier.

In comparison to public clouds, private cloud services are dedicated to a particular business and provide a better level of control, customisation, and protection. However, because they require specialized infrastructure and resources, they may be more expensive.

With hybrid cloud services, enterprises may take advantage of public clouds’ flexibility and cost-savings while still maintaining the control and security of private clouds for sensitive data and applications.

Why are Cloud Services Important?

Because they allow businesses to quickly extend and modify their IT infrastructure to meet changing business needs, cloud services are crucial. The capacity to swiftly deploy, manage, and optimize resources becomes essential for sustaining a competitive edge as businesses rely more and more on digital technology and data-driven operations.

Cloud services give organizations the freedom to scale up or down as necessary, enabling them to react to changes in demand and seize new possibilities. This agility speeds up the rollout of cutting-edge goods and services while simultaneously lowering the expenses associated with maintaining physical infrastructure.

Additionally, cloud services are essential for improving compliance, security, and communication within enterprises. With the rise of remote work and scattered teams, cloud-based collaboration technologies make it possible for staff members to collaborate without hindrance from a distance.

Businesses can adopt strong security measures and maintain compliance with industry laws more effectively than if they managed these areas in-house by utilizing the infrastructure and knowledge of cloud service providers.

This level of security and compliance is especially crucial as regulatory standards tighten and cyber dangers continue to develop. In general, cloud services enable businesses to run more effectively, securely, and quickly, which ultimately promotes corporate growth and success.

Why are cloud services crucial for educational institutions?

Cloud services are crucial for educational institutions because they foster effective resource management, foster cooperation, and support the upkeep of a secure and legal online environment. The following reasons highlight the significance of cloud services for educational institutions:

Resources Are Managed More Efficiently

Budgets and resources available to schools for managing their IT infrastructure are frequently constrained. Cloud services give educational institutions the ability to allocate resources more effectively since they offer scalable, adaptable solutions. With the help of this strategy, schools may effectively manage their financial resources, cut down on administrative expenses, and concentrate on delivering high-quality instruction.

Improved Interaction and Learning

Regardless of their geographical location, cloud technologies provide seamless staff, teacher, and student cooperation. Using cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365 or Google Workplace for Education, educators may design dynamic, fun lessons that encourage teamwork and creativity.

These tools make it simple for teachers and students to collaborate, share files, and communicate efficiently, improving the learning process as a whole.

Security of Data and Compliance

In order to protect sensitive data handled by educational institutions, including student records and the personal information of staff members, stringent security measures must be in place.

Cloud service providers offer cutting-edge security features and compliance technologies that assist schools in protecting their important data while adhering to legal obligations. Schools may maintain a secure and compliant digital environment by utilizing the expertise of cloud service providers.

Continuity and Accessibility

Students and employees may access crucial educational resources and data thanks to cloud services from any place and on any device. This accessibility is crucial in circumstances where typical on-site access may be impaired, such as remote learning or natural catastrophes. Schools can maintain continuity and reduce the impact of unforeseen occurrences on the learning process by storing data and applications in the cloud.

Digital Innovation and Transformation

In order to accelerate the digital revolution of education, cloud services are essential. Schools may quickly adapt novel teaching techniques, take advantage of data-driven insights, and boost productivity by implementing cloud-based solutions. Schools are able to better prepare students for the future and stay competitive in the constantly changing educational landscape thanks to this digital change.

Are Cloud Services Safe?

No system can be totally protected from cyber threats, but reliable cloud service providers make significant investments in security measures to safeguard their infrastructure and client data.

This can include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, enhanced encryption, and routine security audits. Many vendors also provide compliance tools to assist businesses in adhering to rules and standards that are particular to their industry.

What Should I Look for When Choosing a Cloud Service Provider for My Business?

Among the things to take into account while choosing a cloud service provider are:

  • Experience and knowledge the provider has in your sector.
  • The variety and caliber of the services they provide.
  • Their compliance and security measures.
  • The quality of their customer service and support.
  • Flexibility in contract pricing.

Why Choose Concensus?

Individualized Solutions

We are aware that each firm has different demands, and we work to offer cloud solutions that are specialized to satisfy those needs. We can develop a cloud strategy that supports your aims and streamlines your business processes by comprehending the objectives and issues of your corporation.

Experience and Knowledge

Our team of professionals has more than 15 years of expertise in the field and is well knowledgeable about cloud technologies and best practices. With the use of this knowledge, we are able to provide thorough advice, configuration, installation, and managed services for cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Google Workplace, and others.

Focus on Security and Compliance

The assets and data of your company are given top priority in terms of security and compliance. Our cloud services guarantee that you uphold the integrity of your company’s most crucial data while abiding by statutory requirements and sector-specific norms.

Full Range of Services

Our cloud services offer a wide range of options, from hosting and disaster recovery to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We offer a comprehensive hosted Unified Communications solution with cutting-edge capabilities, ensuring that your cloud experience is seamless and integrated.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Concensus Technologies takes great pleasure in providing outstanding customer service. Your cloud environment is constantly working smoothly and effectively thanks to the assistance of our team of specialists, who are always accessible to help you with any problems, inquiries, or worries.

You can be confident that by selecting Concensus Technologies Cloud Services, you are collaborating with a group that is committed to assisting your company in succeeding in the always changing world of cloud technology. We are the perfect partner for your cloud journey thanks to our knowledge, experience, and dedication to quality.

Start Using Concensus Cloud Now

Join Concensus Cloud today to start your journey toward effective, safe, and scalable cloud solutions that are suited to the requirements of your company. To learn how our cloud services may improve your IT infrastructure, get in touch with us right away.