In today’s era of digital transformation, businesses rely heavily on data and technology to operate efficiently and effectively. Ensuring the resilience and availability of this data is paramount, especially in the face of unforeseen disasters, both natural and digital. Consensus Technologies proudly presents a suite of specialized managed services, meticulously crafted to address your evolving needs for data protection, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

At Consensus Technologies, we understand that every business is unique, and so are its data protection needs. Our managed services transcend the one-size-fits-all approach, offering tailor-made solutions to safeguard your data, ensure recoverability, and enhance resilience against the unpredictable.


Managed Local and Off-site Backup

At the very heart of our Continuity and Disaster Recovery offerings are our Managed Local and Off-site Backup solutions. We understand that data loss can occur due to a myriad of reasons, from hardware malfunctions to human errors and the ever-looming threat of cyberattacks. To safeguard against these risks, we employ a multi-tiered approach to data protection.

  1. Local Backup: Our on-site backup solutions are strategically designed to create frequent snapshots of your critical data within the confines of your premises. This approach ensures lightning-fast access and recovery in the event of minor incidents, minimizing disruption to your operations.
  2. Off-site Backup: Recognizing the importance of redundancy and fortification against physical disasters, we securely store your data in off-site locations. This geographically dispersed strategy guarantees the safety of your data, even in the face of large-scale disasters that may disrupt your primary facility.

Cloud 2 Cloud Backup

In an age where cloud services are the backbone of modern businesses, our Cloud 2 Cloud Backup services are tailored to protect the data residing within these cloud applications. We proudly extend our support to some of the most widely-used cloud platforms:

  1. Microsoft 365: Safeguard your emails, documents, and collaboration tools hosted on Microsoft 365. Our solution ensures that your cloud data is not only secure but also recoverable, even when it resides within the vast Microsoft ecosystem.
  2. Google Workspace: Rely on us to secure your Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google Workspace data. Our robust backup system guarantees that your data remains within your control, regardless of where it’s stored in the cloud.

Archival Backup

Long-term data retention is often not just a matter of choice but a regulatory requirement. Our Archival Backup services empower you to meet these obligations while deriving additional benefits:

  1. Regulatory Compliance: We help you stay firmly within the boundaries of data retention regulations, ensuring that you are not exposed to potential legal liabilities.
  2. Historical Analysis: Beyond compliance, archived data can be a treasure trove for historical analysis, reporting, and auditing. Unlock the value of your data history with our archiving solution, gaining valuable insights that can drive informed decisions.

Endpoint Backup

In the modern workplace, endpoints like laptops and mobile devices often hold the last line of defense against data loss. Our Endpoint Backup services extend a protective shield over these frequently overlooked devices, providing:

  1. Seamless Automation: Data on endpoints is automatically backed up to our secure servers, ensuring that no critical information is left vulnerable. This automated process eliminates the risk of data loss due to human oversight.
  2. Remote Wipe: In the unfortunate event of a lost or stolen device, our remote wipe capabilities come to the rescue, guaranteeing that sensitive data remains confidential and out of the wrong hands.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Business continuity is not just a concept but a lifeline when disaster strikes. Our services in this domain encompass a holistic approach to ensure your organization’s resilience:

  1. Tailored Disaster Recovery Plans: We collaborate closely with your organization to craft a disaster recovery plan that aligns with your specific business needs and risk tolerance. This personalized approach ensures that your unique vulnerabilities are addressed.
  2. Rapid Recovery: In the event of a disaster, we stand ready to ensure swift data recovery, minimizing downtime and reducing the impact on your operations. Our team is equipped with the expertise and tools needed for a seamless recovery process.
  3. Regular Testing and Simulation: A comprehensive plan is only as good as its execution. Our team conducts regular testing and simulation exercises to validate the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan. This proactive approach allows us to identify and rectify potential weaknesses before they become critical issues.

Secure Your Future with Consensus Technologies

Are you ready to fortify your data protection strategies and guarantee business continuity? Reach out to us today and let Consensus Technologies become your trusted partner in the realm of Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

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