Rising cyberattacks mean ramping up cybersecurity measures

| June 10, 2019

We live in a world that is hyper-connected, 24/7/365. This is great when you think about how the ways that we communicate, connect, and collaborate have changed and expanded for good. But there is a flip side. In a digital and constantly connected world, that also means everyone’s systems and data are at risk and vulnerable to threats that can cause irreparable damage.

Cyberattacks are malicious. They are meant to cause the most amount of damage for a number of purposes; maybe you have sensitive or competitive information or access that hackers want or need, maybe your company data can be extorted in exchange for money, or maybe someone just wants to interrupt business systems and processes to cause havoc. Cyberattacks are also vast. They can happen through any kind of hardware or software, from computers, mobile devices, and electronic systems, to networks and systems simply by opening an infected email or downloading compromised data.

And cyberattacks are indiscriminate.

When we think about data breaches and cyberattacks, it’s not uncommon to think that they mostly happen to large corporations; that the bigger you are the more chance you have of being vulnerable to an attack. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A cyberattack can happen to any business and any organization of any size, large or small. In fact, 58 percent of data breach victims are small businesses. Even individuals can be vulnerable, and important data like personal photos or other personal information can be compromised and exploited for the purposes of identity theft, extortion, or a number of other sinister reasons.

Cyberattacks are considered among the top three risks to global stability. They can cost organizations billions of dollars in resulting damages, and most breaches take at least six months for an organization to discover. By then, it’s too late. The damage has been done; an organization has been compromised, it’s employees, customers, and stakeholders are at risk, and data may be unable to be recovered.

Effective cybersecurity protections are absolutely essential to keeping operations consistent, competitive, and functioning. If we want to get technical—and at Concensus, there is nothing we love more than getting technical—cybersecurity measures are a set of approaches or techniques that protect companies and organizations from attacks, damages, or otherwise unauthorized access to networks, systems, programs, and data.

Everyone benefits from comprehensive cyber defense and cybersecurity measures that keep organizations, infrastructure, and individuals safe from harm. That’s why the most effective approaches include multiple layers of protection spread across all of an organization’s computers, networks, and programs.

Think about it like this; cybersecurity solutions serve as your business’s security detail, protecting your most critical assets from bad guys and deploying efficient, effective, and immediate solutions when it’s time to eliminate any possible threats.

Ready to protect yourself? Learn more about our advanced cybersecurity solutions, or catch us at the upcoming Micro Focus Cybersecurity Summit in Dallas from June 11th -13th, where we’ll be among industry experts sharing cyber defense best practices and cybersecurity solutions.

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