Learn How M365 Business Premium Supercharges Your Data Security

Learn How M365 Business Premium Supercharges Your Data Security

| July 5, 2024

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Client information, financial records, intellectual property – these valuable assets require robust security measures to protect them from unauthorized access and cyberattacks. 

As many as 45% of data breaches are cloud-based, and 80% of companies have had at least one cloud security incident in the last year. 

At Concensus Technologies, we understand the critical importance of data security for your business. That’s why we often recommend Microsoft 365 Business Premium as a comprehensive solution to supercharge your data security posture and safeguard your business from evolving threats.

What types of robust security features does M365 Business Premium offer? We’ll highlight the benefits of upgrading, the features you get, and how they work in tandem to create a secure environment for your valuable business data.

A Multi-Layered Defense Against Cyber Threats

M365 Business Premium doesn’t rely on a single security measure. Instead, it adopts a multi-layered approach, creating a robust defense system against cyberattacks. If you’re adopting a Zero Trust approach to your cybersecurity posture, you’ll appreciate how this platform can help you achieve it. 

Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Defender, part of M365 Business Premium, utilizes sophisticated threat intelligence to identify and block malware, sophisticated phishing attempts, and other malicious activities before they can compromise your data.

Email Encryption

Safeguard sensitive information exchanged via email with built-in email encryption features. Ensure only authorized recipients can access confidential data.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP policies help prevent accidental or intentional data leaks by identifying and blocking sensitive information from being shared externally through unauthorized channels.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA adds an extra layer of security beyond usernames and passwords. Users are required to verify their identity with a secondary factor, such as a code from their smartphone, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Device Management

M365 Business Premium includes the endpoint device manager app, Intune. This allows you to manage and secure devices accessing your business data. Enforce security policies, remotely wipe lost or stolen devices, and ensure only authorized devices can access company data.

Automatic Updates

Microsoft’s commitment to regular security updates ensures your applications and systems are always protected against the latest cyber threats.

Identity & Access Management

Keep your business from becoming a cloud security breach statistic by securing accounts with strong identity and access management using Microsoft Entra ID. This tool protects access to resources and data using strong authentication policies. All without compromising user experience.

Peace of Mind with Robust Security Features

M365 Business Premium offers a comprehensive suite of security features designed to give you peace of mind:

  • Compliance and Regulatory Support: M365 adheres to industry-leading security standards and regulations, helping you stay compliant with relevant data privacy laws.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of an unforeseen event, robust backup and recovery features ensure you can quickly restore lost data and minimize downtime.
  • Centralized Security Management: Simplify security management with a centralized console that provides real-time insights into user activity, threat detections, and security posture.

Concensus – Your Trusted Partner in Cloud Data Security

While M365 Business Premium boasts a robust security framework, maximizing its effectiveness requires additional considerations. Here’s where Concensus steps in.

Security Expertise and Ongoing Monitoring

Our team of experienced security professionals will configure Microsoft 365 Business Premium’s security features to meet your specific needs. We’ll continuously monitor your environment for potential threats and proactively address any security vulnerabilities.

User Education and Training

Empower your employees to become the first line of defense against cyber threats. We offer comprehensive security awareness training programs to educate your team on best practices for data protection and identifying phishing attempts.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments

We can conduct regular penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to identify and address potential weaknesses in your security posture before attackers exploit them.

Incident Response Planning and Support

In the unfortunate event of a cyberattack, we’ll have your back. We can help you develop a comprehensive incident response plan and assist with data recovery and remediation efforts.

Create a More Secure Future for Your Business with M365 Business Premium

Data breaches can have devastating consequences for businesses. By implementing M365 Business Premium and partnering with a trusted managed service provider like Concensus, you can create a secure environment for your valuable data, minimize security risks, and navigate the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape with confidence.

Ready to prioritize your data security? 

Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how M365 Business Premium, coupled with our expert security services, can safeguard your business and empower you to focus on growth and success.

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