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| May 4, 2021

The Identity Bridge feature in RapidIdentity creates a secure network connection from the Cloud IDaaS tenant to your on-premise services such as a database or AD. To do this, you will need to set up agents that communicate with the IDaaS infrastructure to host and manage one or more bridges.   An agent may have multiple bridges.

The architecture is as follows:

As you can see, it’s easy to securely connect your on-premise services securely with the Identity Automation Identity as a Service tenant and your cloud services.  If you have an existing on-premise deployment, you will be able to move it easily to the cloud and use the same connectors and action sets you are currently using today.  If you are using a delimited text connector, you can also access a file share using a UNC path and access the file(s) through your connector.

Configuring your Identity Bridge Agent is easily done through the IDAAS portal instance.

Step 1. Add and configure the agent settings in the RapidIdentity portal.  This will generate a registration code you will need to use to install the service.

Step 2. Download the agent to a windows server 2012 or higher.  The windows server must be inside the firewall (or at least have the ability to communicate to internal systems) and have access to the internet via port 443 (outbound).  The installer will then ask for the registration code and your tenant URL and registration code.

Step 3. Once the agent is up and running, you can add a bridge to a local application such as AD, a database or an application.  You will need a hostname/IP address and port for the local system. 

That’s all there is to it.  You can now enjoy a life without VPN and no more open ports in your Firewall!

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