Purchasing Policy

Unless Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by you and Concensus, Concensus’s Purchasing Policy governs the sell of Concensus products, 3rd party software, 3rd party hardware, and services.


Concensus terms apply to the sale of the following items.


All hardware and software purchases are due upon receipt of the invoice. Electronic orders will not be placed until payment is received. Orders over $10,000 require 50% down payment. If your purchasing department cannot process a prepayment and the order is over $50,000 an assignment of proceeds must be used or alternative arrangements must be made.


All services are due upon receipt.  Services include professional services, managed services, and managed services software.


Concensus accepts the following types of payment options:


Concensus will accept a purchase order for all products and services.  For 3rd party hardware and software orders more than $50,000 an assignment of proceeds may be required for purchase.


Concensus will accept credit cards for orders of $10,000 or less.  Purchases must be made through the online portal and will not be accepted via phone, fax, or email.


ACH and EFT payments are also accepted through the online portal.  They are currently available for orders up to $50,000.00


Client shall issue payment within 15 calendar days of invoice receipt. After 15 days, unpaid invoices will enter a fifteen (15) day grace period and Client’s Accounting Department will work to resolve any outstanding issues. Failure to issue payment within this time may result in suspension of services or up to a 1.5% fee may be applied.

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