How We’re Helping Businesses Work Through COVID-19

| April 9, 2020

Keeping people connected while keeping social distance might seem like a paradox, but for IT professionals, it’s what we do naturally. Now, though, this is the only way we can all successfully work together as the world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic in our countries, communities, and businesses. 

While the dynamics of the working world have changed nearly overnight, our team at Concensus has more than two decades of experience helping businesses of all sizes and across all locations to work remotely. This foundation of experience is how we are maintaining our commitment to keeping our customers moving forward during this time. 

Ensuring the continuity of your business encompasses all areas of your online working environment, including:

  • Enabling employees to remain productive: Bringing your business environment to the cloud is instrumental for keeping your employees connected and focused while they work from home. Whether it is Office 365, Google G-Suite, video conferencing, access to the VPN, or any other hardware and software needs, we keep your employees connected. Enabling consistent and secure access to the information, contacts, data, and tools they need to keep doing their jobs ensures your entire business remains efficient and effective. 
  • Keeping your business safe with enhanced Cybersecurity: When businesses are vulnerable, and in times of crisis, these are always prime times for cybercriminals and hackers to up their game. We’re standing our ground in the face of increased threats, implementing the most current and up-to-date security protections to keep your business, networks, devices, data, customers, and employees safe, secure, and backed up. 
  • Providing continued support and access to our IT experts: Through ConcensusCare, you’ve always known that our entire team has always been there for you. Now, ConcensusCare couldn’t be more accurate. As we have always been committed to being here when you need us, we fully realize our experts are more needed than ever before. We are focused on helping you during this time of changes, challenges, and uncertainties.

Maintaining business continuity is critical to enduring this crisis, whether you’re on the frontlines or ramping up operations, or transitioning to remote work as you wait this out. While this is undoubtedly a time for urgency and quick deployment of technology services and solutions, this is not a time for panic or to be reactionary. Security, safety, and productivity are essential. 

We are here to help you secure your business through the COVID-19 pandemic transition. Let us assess your environment to determine and minimize current and future risk factors, maximize your remote infrastructure for connectivity, safety, and adaptability, and create a plan to implement the appropriate technology and move forward.

You can count on us during this crisis, and as the world continues to change. We’re here to help you find and implement the right tools and solutions while creating safe and secure infrastructures that will enable your business environment to survive, and hopefully thrive, wherever you may be working from.

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