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What’s Stopping you from Changing IT Providers - IntroductionWhat’s Stopping you from Changing IT Providers - Getting StartedWhat’s Stopping you from Changing IT Providers - Evaluating Proposals In blog 4 of this four-part series, we are going to explore how to choose the right provider to meet your requirements.  What we've already covered In the last blog (Evaluating Proposals), we...

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Evaluating Proposals

In this article we build upon the first two articles on “What is stopping you from changing IT providers?”  and dive into the types of proposals. Types of proposals If you invite 10 companies, you are going to get about 3 different proposal types with a wide variety of options.  They will differ mainly in their approach to billing rather...

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Computer Health System Audit

In our first blog post, we discussed why change is hard and why you need to formalize your process so that you can compare IT providers.  This second blog in the series will focus on where to start.  What is important? The absolute first thing you need to decide is what is important to you and not to the IT...

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changing it providers

Change is Hard! Change is the only constant in the IT world.  The products that we buy today that are suitable for our needs can become difficult to maintain, difficult to secure, and may lack modern features tomorrow.  Every year and budget cycle we evaluate our software subscriptions, our leases, our telecommunications, our providers, and our assets. Or are we?...

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If you use Gmail for personal email, we have a trick that can help you not only organize your inbox but also help protect you against a cyber-breach. Gmail has the ability for you to add in periods anywhere in the first part of your email address. For example, can be You can also add a plus sign...

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Online Internet Security

Today I was going to sit down and write our latest blog about using multi-factor authentication & complete our monthly newsletter but then something caught my eye and I needed to get this out to everyone as soon as possible.  On Saturday January 4th 2020, The United States Homeland Security released a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin warning us of...

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