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5 Ways To Optimize Your IT Budget

| November 11, 2020

Everyone wants to get the most for their money. It’s the smart thing to do. For example, with insurance, we all want the best coverage at a reasonable price. Likewise, when we buy a computer or other device, we want to make sure we get the best possible machine that doesn’t break the bank. 

When it comes to IT specifically, there are several technologies and paradigms of service that have become standard and are a dramatic improvement to your bottom-line. Best of all, you can implement them right now: 

  • Move to the Cloud – Having your software systems in the cloud is dramatically less expensive than having the systems living on-premise. In the cloud, you do not need extensive hard drives, servers, equipment for backups. Also, in the cloud upgrades and updates happen automatically, providing consistent, accessible service with no downtime. 
  • Avoid Maintaining Obsolete Infrastructure – It’s known as “built-in obsolescence” everything from cars, batteries and light bulbs are designed to not last forever. This is also true of computers, servers, and other network components. By moving to the cloud, the data center is responsible for having the best up-to-date networks and servers. In addition to built-in obsolescence, you rarely know when new technology becomes available so your band-new equipment could be outdated shortly after purchase. When working in the cloud, you primarily need only need a device and reliable internet access when it comes to hardware.  
  • Contract with a Managed IT Service Provider – They will provide IT services in their entirety or can augment your current IT staff.  They can move your systems to the cloud, implement your VPN, put multi-factor authentication into action, and deliver all IT services that you and your company need going forward. They supply all these services at a predictable, scalable monthly service fee that is an operating expense rather than a capital expenditure.  
  • Increase Security and Support while Lowering Costs and the Expense of a Breach – A managed IT service provider is also an expert in cybersecurity and can implement the correct and most up to date protection your business needs, including 24/7/365 monitoring of your systems.  They can also guide you through developing the IT security policies that you need to include in your employee handbook. In addition, they will support both remote and office employees to make sure their computers and devices are up, running and security measures are in place.  
  • Move Away from the Break-Fix Model –Waiting for the inevitable occurrence of a malfunction means increased IT costs for repairs, replacements and downtime and all for an unknown amount. Instead, the predictability of a managed IT services provider means there are no IT surprises when it comes the allocated amount for IT oprations. 

The affordable, managed IT services that you need to optimize your IT budget, are available through the expert team at Concensus. We are dedicated to providing you the IT services that are both affordable and reliable while eliminating the aggravations and expense of outdated technology. Contact us, today. 

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