Universal Authentication Director Webinar - One Login, One Place: Achieve Universal Authentication

Join us on December 6, 2022 at 2:30pm EST as we discuss and demonstrate Identity Automation’s Universal Authentication Director – One Login, One Place: Achieve Universal Authentication.

With Universal Authentication Director, Identity Automation brings Persona-Based Enterprise-Grade Authentication to education levels K-12.

Universal Authentication Director stands as a flexible, seamless authentication designed to address unique scalability, usability and persona-based needs among students and educators.

Universal Authentication Director enables ‘authenticate to anything’ for students, teachers, and staff.

The UAD is unlike traditional Multi Factor Authentication. It caters to the individual needs of the vast range of age, skill level and roles within an organization’s base of users. Using the same authentication method for administrators, special needs students, and teachers increases the risk of lost learning time or decreases efficiency for IT. Universal Authentication Director provides the appropriate level of authentication, adding back valuable learning time and IT efficiency.

Concensus Technologies has extensive experience designing, implementing, and supporting specialized features in Identity Automation’s suite of identity-based authentication and access control products. We provide expert guidance in helping organizations optimize their systems to help create a safe, secure, and easy experience for teachers, staff, and students.