Self-Service Password Reset

IT Administrators everywhere share the war on password management with their users. How do they always stay logged into Facebook but manage to lose their email password?


Take the weekend responsibility off of your staff and leverage the features of Self-Service Password Reset, developed by NetIQ, a Microfocus company. By empowering your users with tools to reset their own forgotten password, you can cut down up to 30% of your helpdesk tickets. (and in some cases, more!)


Self-Service Password Reset, or SSPR, is a web-based application that can be deployed locally within your network or available anywhere, anytime on the public net. By utilizing methods of multi-factor authentication your users will be able to reset their account password at any time.


After a quick, one-time enrollment, your users can verify their identity through challenge response questions, SMS or e-mail codes, one-time password (OTP) mobile apps, and more. This will create a secure method to ensure your users never get locked out again and save you that weekend text: “are you busy? I forgot my password.”


Data is encrypted every step of the way. Set up your internal connection over LDAPS and provide an HTTPS connection to the web-app to ensure your data and identity are never exposed. Enforce compliance by setting your password policy requirements and monitor all transactions with full auditing privileges.

Reach out to to find out pricing, more information or request a demo to see the product in action.