Password Security

Have you ever checked how secure your password is? Try one of your most used passwords on .

In a 2016 study, nearly 10 million passwords were available on the web. The top 25 most used passwords constitute over 50% of the 10 million analyzed!

Here are examples of commonly used passwords:

Description Password Time to Crack
#1 most used (17% of 10m) 123456 Instantly
#8 most used Password1 2 hours
Child’s name + birth year Brian1998 4 days
Street Address 305Second 4 Days
Complex Requirements Cr@ckTh1s! 6 years

Best practice is creating a password that is at least 8 characters in length, with a special character, capital letter and number. This can be the difference between a compromised account and resisting an attack.

Most users have trouble remembering multiple passwords. On average, each user has 90 online accounts. The average user resets a forgotten password for 37 accounts per year. That’s a great amount of lost time, productivity, and frustration.

Consider using a password manager to handle your employees multiple accounts. A password manager can randomly generate secure passwords, automatically log in to your accounts, and save you time and money remembering your account information.