Office 365 Quick Help for Small Businesses

BrainStorm QuickHelp for Small Business (BQSB) is an eLearning solution tailored to meet the unique learning and adoption needs of SMB Office 365 customers. Delivered by Concensus Technologies, a Microsoft Partner, this unique product offers all of the benefits of QuickHelp in an affordable subscription.  With the help of a partner-nominated QuickHelp Success Manager, customers will have the benefit of a product expert who can manage and monitor usage, add custom content, and more.

What differentiates QuickHelp from Traditional Training?

BrainStorm QuickHelp for Small Business addresses the evolving needs of Office 365 customers by offering targeted learning content at each stage of deployment and adoption. While traditional training supports users only during the initial stages of deployment, QuickHelp grows with users to help foster a culture of learning, growth, and increased productivity.

QuickHelp for Business Benefits

Ease of Deployment

A successful Office 365 deployment is more than making sure the workloads have been worked out. A successful deployment means that users are actively taking advantage of the Office 365 tools and features instead of settling for the status quo. By supporting the user before they ever touch the software, QuickHelp enables new users to not only understand how their new tools work, but why their tools will help them do their work better.

Reduce Help Desk Calls

Research from Gartner suggests that one help-desk call costs an organization $25 per call. When users are empowered and encouraged to find answers for themselves in QuickHelp, they’re less likely to contact their help desk—meaning they get back to work faster and the help desk can move on to more important things.

Create a Learning Culture

QuickHelp fosters a learning culture by encouraging sharing, assigning content, and providing a one-stop shop for all of their workload questions.

Drive Ongoing Productivity

With cloud-based solutions becoming the new normal, updates to Microsoft applications are arriving constantly instead of every few years. It’s more important than ever that users have a training and adoption platform that remains current along with the new changes in users’ software.

Key Features

Training Accountability

Make users responsible for their training with assigned content and tracking tools. You can manage who is assigned what content, how long they have to consume it, and track who has completed it.


See your organization grow beyond the status quo with measurable productivity gains. Viewing one short, 3-minute video can save a user 10 minutes a week—which can translate to thousands of dollars saved per year.

Robust Training Library

Give end-users the tools they need with a vast, ever-growing content library. QuickHelp is home to thousands of training modules covering everything from Excel to SharePoint Online.

Live, Instructor-led Training

Get live, professional training webcasts every month for your end users. QuickHelp offers a number of live training events to encourage learning of basic skills as well as more advanced subject matter.

Custom Content

Upload your own content to train on HR, compliance, security, or anything else you can dream up. Your custom content can be used in assigned playlists, searches, and more.

For more information and find out how you can purchase this tool, contact us by emailing or by calling 1-888-349-1014.