Identity Governance – Are you governing who has access to what effectively?

Are your users the weakest security link?

You need secure, convenient access.  

You NEED Identity Governance & Administration solutions.


Satisfying identity governance regulations and managing risk requires organizations to inventory, analyze and manage their users’ access privileges. Failure to manage users’ access to sensitive resources places companies at increased risk for negative audit findings, fraud or data breaches Access review and re-certification campaigns are an essential part of an overall identity governance program. Yet answering the critical question “who has access to what?” is a challenge. Emerging technologies such as mobile devices, cloud computing and social media, combined with shifting workforce trends including growing numbers of contractors, partners and service providers is causing organizations to seek more efficient ways to conduct access certification campaigns that encourage participation by line of business (LOB) managers.

NetIQ® Identity Governance is a solution that helps any organization run effective access certification campaigns and implement identity governance controls to meet compliance mandates while proactively mitigating risk. Built to get organizations up and running in hours vs the traditional weeks or months of traditional legacy vendors, NetIQ Identity Governance replaces error-prone, time-consuming manual methods that can expose your organization to compliance violations and risk from excessive access. NetIQ Identity Governance provides a way to quickly identify and revoke access to resources users don’t need—such as when users change positions in a company and inadvertently accrue too many privileges. NetIQ Identity Governance collects user entitlement information across multiple systems, applications, and data into a consolidated view. These capabilities provide easy-to-understand reports for LOB managers to validate whether existing employee access privileges are appropriate and initiate immediate action to revoke any access, if necessary.

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