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Organizations are rapidly gaining awareness about the importance of cloud services. Start by knowing why, then take a step to secure your data from disasters, hardware failures, and breaches by moving to the Concensus Cloud. Our experts will assess your data needs and explain you the benefits and insurance behind cloud implementation.

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Our team manages all of your hosted applications, virtual machines, and Data backup and disaster recovery. We also provide consulting for Microsoft Azure and Google G-Suite. Our managed hosted applications include Password Management, Secure file sharing, Email, and Line of business applications. We manage Microsoft Windows and SUSE Linux virtual machines (Bring your own license).

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Keeping your organizations data secure should be a top priority. Protect your data with an effective password management solution and secured file sharing. Our cloud solutions perform as a fail safe mechanism, so if there is any issue with your data locally, we can send your data back to you from the Concensus Cloud.

Our Cloud Solutions

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Cloud Backup and Recovery eliminates high level risks associated to data loss by keeping copies of your organization's data in our secured cloud.

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You can integrate your networks and cloud workloads to increase your workplace productivity and success.

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Our Managed Hosted Applications makes your business reliable, fast, and secure with frequent updates, patch management, 24/7 monitoring, and professional support.

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