Concensus Cloud – Managed Cloud Solutions

Enter the Cloud!

As customer acceptance of the cloud grows, small and medium sized organizations are beginning to migrate some if not all of their IT operations to hosted environments. Concensus Technologies is launching the Concensus Cloud on November 1st to meet this growing demand.

Why the Cloud?

The discussion that you need to ask is “What are the benefits for my organization?”   In a recent survey the primary benefit listed by business is the improved access to data.  The ability to access data and applications from anywhere without having to consume IT staff resources is driving cloud adoption.

Organizations of all sizes are becoming more mobile in their operations, and are relying more and more on staff who can work remotely or on the go.  Often organizations can not live without 24x7x365 access to their data.

Another reason is the shift to operating expense vs. capital expense. Capital Expense is an accounting term for money you spend on physical resources that need to be amortized over a period of years (Think servers and storage).  While operating expenses (A service such as cloud backup) are expensed right in that year.  The other benefit to an operating expense is that it can be predicted.

Should I Dive In or Wait another year?

Competition with cloud providers has increased and the technology to manage those environments have matured.  This means that the cost to moving your IT services is now within the reach of all sized companies.  The answer to the question of when to adopt the cloud seems to be “right now.”  The tipping point has been reached and holding out for better pricing or waiting for better technology has reached diminishing returns.  Recent quotes for existing customers for new servers is reaching the same price point as paying monthly or yearly for cloud services.

Concensus Cloud Offerings

Concensus is offering as of November 1st 2017 a flexible pay-as-you go cloud solutions for small and medium sized customers.  We will be providing the following hosting services:

  • Managed Hosted Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • System Backup
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Hosted Virtual Machines
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Bring your own license
  • Managed Hosted Virtual Applications
    • Password Management
      • Multi-Factor Authentication
      • Single Sign-On
      • Forgotten Password Reset
    • Secure File Sharing
    • Email and Collaboration
    • Bring your own application

Future posts will provide more detail on each of these offerings.