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Data Privacy

Data Privacy Day 2021

| January 28, 2021

Today is Data Privacy Day.  This is an international effort to empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust.  Better privacy starts with better security.  Here are a few tips to enhance your own privacy by using better security.  ENABLE MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION The best way to secure your online accounts is to enable multi-factor authentication on...

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2 factor authentication

It’s interesting that you already use Multi-Factor Authentication every time you use your debit card. In this case, you have two means to verify that you have the right to access your bank account via both your PIN and the card itself.  Basically, Multi-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security that we all need to protect ourselves from cyberattacks.  Just as with your debit card, for MFA to work when accessing any account, you need at least two credentials or pieces of evidence to prove that...

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CTech_MFA Part2

Multi-Factor Authentication is one of the most secure cyber solutions available to organizations, applications, and users today. Some applications require MFA in order to access features and services, and many more offer it as an additional security option that users can choose to enable.   There are a variety of ways to implement MFA through popular applications that work for personal...

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Multi-Factor Authentication

It's hard to create a unique password, let alone remember what password matches up with which account or website. Sometimes, it's just easier to type in "123456" or "password"...two of the top five most commonly used and hacked passwords of 2019. With 63% of all breaches resulting from weak, default, or stolen passwords, even complex passwords aren't enough to stop today's sophisticated...

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