SIF Driver

ConcensusTM Technologies’ SIF Driver

The ConcensusTM SIF Integration Module v4.0 driver makes it possible to synchronize user information from your Student Interoperability Framework (SIF) environment to your Identity Management Framework using Concensus ConnectTM or NetIQ Identity Manager.

This driver will allow you to:

  • Link your SIF enabled applications to non-SIF enabled applications
  • Manage the complete user life-cycle and enter data only once
  • Transform course information to your non-SIF environment (Manage security groups and distribution lists)
  • Integration with other applications
  • New Supported objects include:
    • Student Personal Staff Personal
    • Student School Enrollment School Info
    • School Course Info Section Info
    • Room Info
System Requirements:
  • Concensus ConnectTM or NetIQ Identity Manager 3.x or 4.x
  • Zone Integration Server


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